Oseberghaugen - Royal mound in Tønsberg.

Queen's grave. Archaeological excavations in 1904 uncovered history's largest and richest example of craftmanship from the Viking Ages. The beautiful 21,5 m long Oseberg ship, Oseberg carriage, five beautifully carved bed-posts shaped like animal heads, four sledges, beds, chests, weaving-frames, household utensils and much more. For a long time it was thought that this was the grave of Queen Åsa, grandmother of King Harald Hairfair. Scientific examinations in 1992 now date the buriel to 834 AD, and indicate that it is Queen Alvhild, who was the first wife of King Gudrød, who lies buried here. The barrow, 40 m in diameter, was restored in 1947. A newly opened path along the Velle creek has posts which inform of the excavation. A copy of the beautifully carved bow of the ship can be seen in front of the Vestfold County Museum.

Buss no. 113 from the Central Buss Station to Klokkeråsen school.



3110 Tønsberg

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